Our services include

CAD Computer Aided Design


D5 is here to help with your product design needs. We work closely with you every step of the way - making your vision a reality.  Setting product performance and expense goals is a team event. Communication is paramount.

Part Prototyping


If required, D5 can 3D print models of a part.  We take extra time to build the prototype part with material that  best matches the production parts' physical properties  allowing us to validate the part for testing.  This unique approach reduces time and expense.

Manufacturing - Steel & Aluminum


D5 can provide parts in steel. We can process a part by being laser cut, stamped, rolled or spun. In aluminum, we can produce parts by stamping sheet or casting.  In addition D5 has metal turning and 4 axis CNC vertical machine centers for in house production needs.

Manufacturing - Plastics


D5 designs and manufactures PET plastic food grade containers. These containers are blow molded to specific customer requirements. These containers are complex and often incorporate a handle  for ease of lifting. D5 can provide custom injection molded parts.



D5 can offer your company logistic solutions and warehouse options. We can arrange  warehouse space at your port of landing or warehouse space to fit your distribution network.

Sales and Marketing


With more than 15 years experience, D5  has established strong business connections world-wide and  sound international sales skills.  D5 can  provide international sales/marketing services or we can consult with your team to "Connect with the world."