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With a long history in industrial design  D5 holdings (D5) has a wealth of knowledge in product research and development.  We utilize the best design software in the industry - Solidworks 3-D CAD.  With photo rendering capabilities we bring your design or product to life.  We work to reduce your design expense by making changes to product drawings and completing analysis on performance before a prototype model is built.



D5  has experience in castings, sheet steel and tube fabrication. We also work with all type of plastics and manufacturing processes including thermo-forming, injection and roto molding.  We work with you to determine the best materials to build with and the best manufacturing process to get the best finished product.  D5 has OEM parts manufacturer experience. Our team understands and uses the latest in Lean manufacturing Techniques. We commonly use the Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP) and supplier control manuals to ensure the highest quality standard is maintained.



In the many years that D5 has been in manufacturing we have forged alliances with large international companies across the major continents often with an OEM Tier 1 supplier status.  We work directly with many factories to source products, parts, components and prototypes to fit the specific needs of our customers.  We handle all the logistics for our customers from packaging options and importing to consulting on distribution, freight system, warehousing and in-store product displays.  We are here to help you get your product to market.